Yet Another Rodent Achieves Internet Fame By Enjoying Its Life

Andy Warhol claimed that in the future, everyone would get their 15 minutes of fame. He forgot to include that it wouldn't just be people — in the new millennia, every rat gets 15 minutes, or so it would seem. Pizza Rat, take your leave. Fame, that fickle mistress, has turned her eyes on a new lover: Pole Dancing Rat. (Yes, this rodent also has a capitalized name. Listen, if you're a rat that can do anything more than scurry about the subway tracks, you get a proper noun.) Arguably, Pole Dancing Rat has more talent than its carb-loving predecessor. The rodent was captured on video in the New York subway — where else? — dancing about a pole. The New York Post originally posted the footage, noting, "This rat, spotted at 3 a.m. on a train to Queens, waited until after hours to show off its mad dance and climbing skills." So, according to the Post, this is a shy rat, which is unusual for a New York rat. Those things are usually quite friendly. Sadly, odds are fame won't last long for little Pole Dancing Rat. Maybe it won't even last 15 minutes. Honestly, at this point, there's been Bagel Rat, Pizza Squirrel, and dogs dressed as Pizza Rat. The spotlight is lovely, but it doesn't endure. Enjoy the pole-dancing skills, below.

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