Amazon Cancels Good Girls Revolt In Clinton-esque Snub

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon
Amazon has decided to cancel its female-led show Good Girls Revolt after only one season on the digital streaming platform, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The cancellation comes as a bit of a surprise, given that show was met with positive reviews and more viewers than any other Amazon Original after its debut in October.

Good Girls Revolt follows the lives of three young women attempting to advance their careers in the sexist publishing industry of 1969. The show is based on the book by Amy Povich of the same title, which documents the landmark sexual harassment lawsuit brought against Newsweek by female employees in the '60s. The show came as a nod to second-wave feminist struggles and a struck a chord with viewers. So why the snub?

THR says that Roy Price, head of Amazon Studios, simply “wasn’t a fan,” (I can’t help but wonder why) and didn’t think that the series would be competitive in awards season. When the second season was pitched to him, he passed. The rebuff feels like a micro version of last month’s presidential election, when feminist visions were crushed right in front of those who believed in them most. And I wasn’t the only one to take notice.

Series creator Dana Salvo made a reference to the election and controversy over the popular vote when she responded to the decision on Twitter.
A cast member credited the show's supporters for helping her cope with the November 8 election.
But all is not lost. Sony Pictures Television is fighting for a recount reacquisition of rights to Good Girls Revolt, so it can shop the show around to other networks.

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