The FCC Received Complaints Comparing The Walking Dead To ISIS

Photo: Courtesy of AMC.
This particular season of The Walking Dead has been uniquely violent, even for a show about zombies. The popular AMC series has always been pretty horrific, but the show hit new highs in season 7 with the arrival of Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Moran. In the interest of staying spoiler-free, we shan't discuss the events of this season, but they weren't pleasant, and fans are not happy about it. In fact, according to Moviefone, the Federal Communications Commission received complaints from fans regarding the show's violence. The Daily Dot acquired the complaints, because technically, these emails are in the public domain. (If anything, 2016 was the year we discovered that emails are anything but private.) Some angry fans cited various technological slips, mainly at the fault of the live after-show, The Talking Dead. But mostly, fans weren't pleased with the amount of bloodshed. One irate fan compared the violence in the show to that of ISIS. The Minnesota-based fan wrote, "This would have been rated R or NC-17 in the theater. You don't show ISIS beheading people on TV, nor should you allow someone to be beaten with a barbed-wire baseball bat." Another viewer wrote in from Virginia with a similar sentiment. (Although this comparison is less defensible.) "The last episode of season 6 and the latest episode of season 7 made me very anxious and sick to my stomach. Watching ISIS behead someone isn't as horrible as watching this tv show." Need we remind people that one can't really compare something like ISIS to a television show? Yes, The Walking Dead is violent, but it is fiction. No matter how upsetting it is, it is fantasy. ISIS is not.

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