2016 Was The Year We Got Over These Shows

Photo: Courtesy of Fox.
Breaking up with a show seems like it'd be hard to do, but it isn't. How many of us still have the Good Wife series finale sitting unwatched on our DVR, mostly because we read spoilers online, saw that the ending left most fans cold, and decided not to bother? Raise your hand if you haven't seen Grey's Anatomy since McDreamy had a pulse. And who among you is thisclose to opting out of trauma-watching The Walking Dead because you've lost interest in seeing which character can go the longest without being eaten by zombies or having their brains bashed out by a sadistic survivalist?
This year seems to have elicited a lot of lukewarm feelings about shows we once loved. In the grand scheme of things that 2016 has to answer for, a sub-par season of The Mindy Project probably isn't the biggest deal. On the other hand, there are only a few things we can truly control in this mad world, and deciding which shows we obsess over is one of them. Unsatisfied? Go ahead and shake your fist at the person who cut Chris Messina's hours (no doubt Messina himself), then go cold turkey.
Some new show will always be there to fill the void. Or books. Books are good. Before we switch off, though, let's pour one out to the shows we've loved and lost this year. Most of them are still on the air, but we no longer care.

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