30 Moments From 2016 That Made Us Believe In Love Again

By some accounts, 2016 was not our best year. Okay, maybe it was a pretty bad year for many of us. Aside from the many heartbreaking celebrity deaths, we also had to contend with Brexit, the U.S. election, and innumerable global tragedies, making it a hell of a time, to say the least.
And given the countless memes that have circulated about just how garbage of a year it's been, if you were having a bad 2016, you most assuredly weren't the only one.
But hey — 2016 wasn't all bad. Sure, it wasn't overwhelmingly good, either, but there were at least a few golden moments that made it a little better. The jury's out on whether they made 2016 worth it, and we know that good things don't always cancel out bad things. But sometimes, it's helpful to remember the things that actually made us happy.
That's why we've rounded up 30 life-affirming moments from 2016 that made us believe in love again. From unexpected acts of kindness between strangers to dog photo shoots, these were the feel-good moments that put smiles on our faces even in the most dire of times.

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