Jennifer Lawrence Admits That, Ugh, Fine, Chris Pratt Is A Cool Guy

Jennifer Lawrence continues to be an endless font of antics — and this time, she's serving up sweet info on her co-star Chris Pratt. The brassy Passengers actress has been enjoying a press tour for the sci-fi film, spouting Lawrence-like anecdotes all the while. (Some have been more successful than others. Let us not forget the "I scratched my butt on sacred rocks" story that belly-flopped two weeks ago.) Her most recent dish involves Chris Pratt and Anna Faris's adorable romance. The actress told Popsugar that Pratt sends flowers to his wife every week. Regarding Pratt, Lawrence told the site, "I don't know if people know that he's the best father. And that he sends his wife a bouquet of flowers every week." The married couple is long distance these days, as Faris resides in L.A. with their son, Jack, 4, and Pratt is frequently filming on location. The news that Pratt is an A-plus dad and hubs isn't that surprising, to be honest. Pratt recently gifted the Mom star a dazzling new ring, cementing his title as Romantic Hollywood Husband. In comparison, weekly flowers seem a bit less impressive. Come talk to us when it's a weekly engagement ring or, to take a cue from Blake Shelton, weekly helicopter rides. For Lawrence, this detail is surprisingly tame. Throughout the Passengers press tour, the co-stars have been at it like tween siblings. It all began when Pratt trolled Lawrence on Instagram with some amateur photo crops. Then, the 26-year-old got her "revenge" on Jimmy Kimmel Live by spray-painting a Passengers billboard. And, of course, there was the insult-fest on The Graham Norton Show last week. Makes you — or just me? — want to holler: Kids, play nice!

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