Watch Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Hurl Hilarious Burns At Each Other

If you've seen the trailer for Passengers, then you'll agree that it doesn't look like a raunchy comedy. But after watching stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence crack each other up in this delightful interview clip, you'll wish it was.
The actors stopped by BBC Radio 1 to promote their upcoming romantic sci-fi drama, where Pratt and Lawrence engaged in a segment Scott Mills and Chris Stark call "Playground Insults." The idea is to lob funny disses at each other. In Pratt and Lawrence's case, they took the shade-trading very seriously — the hosts described it as "the darkest one yet." Watching the co-stars eviscerate each other with a variety of increasingly sick burns is absolutely hilarious.
We won't spoil the video for you, but to get an idea of level of LOLs we're dealing with here, here's a taste:
Lawrence to Pratt: "You are so old that your publicist is a registered nurse."
Pratt to Lawrence: "I recently told you that you act like Adele sings... I hate Adele."
Please, do yourself a favor and watch the video in full. It might be the closest thing to an R-rated Jennifer Lawrence-Chris Pratt comedy we'll ever get.

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