Damn, Daniel, & 13 Other Fashion Memes That Defined 2016

Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.
The fashion industry loves to take itself seriously. Sometimes, we're so caught up in our own world that things like samples and trends and designer switch-ups can seem more important than, well, a lot of more-important things. But if there's anything that's provided a little comic relief to a crazy year in and outside of the style realm, it's the rise of memes — fashion memes, specifically.

Only in today's internet age could a teenage boy become famous overnight for wearing Vans, could a toddler be more of an icon than most adults, and could the world seriously ponder how a dog would wear pants. This year, we saw a few fashion-related memes that we'll never forget, even in this short attention span era we live in. To look back on the better, happier moments of 2016, we rounded up some of its most viral ones. Click on for a few laughs as you take this walk down meme-ory lane.

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