Blac Chyna Had A Very Relatable Moment Right Before Her C-Section

Celebrities may live a lifestyle most of us could never relate to. However, there are some uncomfortable and near-universal human experiences that all the fame and wealth in the world can't cushion them from. And the fear and anxiety many women feel before giving birth is one of them. Blac Chyna is no exception to this.
In a sneak peek at Sunday night's Rob & Chyna Baby Special, Chyna has a mini-meltdown when she gets to the hospital. The fiancée of Rob Kardashian — who would give birth to daughter Dream — is downright terrified of having a C-section, as she tearfully explains in the clip. "For some reason, I'm so scared. I just cannot get this C-section off of my mind," she says. "I'm freaking out." Kardashian and Tokyo Toni, Chyna's mom, try to comfort Chyna with words of support, to no avail.
Watching a celeb have such a real, common experience totally humanizes her for us. It also lets expecting moms know that it's okay to be scared out of their minds over giving birth — for themselves as well as their unborn child. "I just want my baby to be healthy, have all her toes, be able to breathe on her own," says Chyna. Fortunately, we know that baby Dream turned out just fine — and so did Mom.

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