How To Get Chrissy Teigen's Signature Night-Out Makeup Look

modeled by Jessica Marak.
Calling all Chrissy Teigen superfans: Put down your copies of Cravings and pick up your contouring brushes — because we're breaking down the model's signature smoky eye and peachy glow. Hit play on the video above and try this look out using the steps below.
Step 1. Brush bronzing contour powder along the hollows of your cheeks with a brush in small, circular movements. Do the same across your forehead close to the hairline and dust the remaining powder across the tops of your cheeks.
Step 2. Lightly dab blush on the apples of your cheeks.
Step 3. Brush matte brown eyeshadow across your lids to the crease; then, use a smaller liner brush to work it into your lower lashline. Rim the waterlines in smudgy black pencil.
Step 4. Apply mascara to curled lashes.
Step 5. Swipe on a rich cocoa lipstick with a bit of sheen.

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