A Gift Every Miranda Out There Will Appreciate

Carrie Bradshaw tends to get all the love when the "Which Sex and The City character are you?" question crops up. (What, you didn't constantly discuss that very deep quandary with your three BFFs in the early aughts?) Full disclosure, I had this poster of Carrie in a flower-trimmed tutu and a crop top emblazoned with her name hanging above my bed in my childhood bedroom from age 13 up until...three months ago. So, my teenhood SATC character allegiance was strong (and, in hindsight, about as basic as possible). The most pragmatic of the foursome, Miranda Hobbes, certainly didn't inspire or shock my teen or early-20s self, what with her law-firm wardrobe and exceedingly grown-up approach to, well, everything. But fast-forward a decade, and Miranda is no longer the SATC character that basically nobody wants to get pegged as. My unscientific theory? The closer one gets in age to the SATC women, the more appealing Miranda's very responsible, very adult life is compared to Carrie and her extensive Fendi Baguette collection that no sex columnist would ever remotely be able to afford. The brilliant duo behind the Instagram account @everyoutfitonsatc, Lauren Garroni and Chelsea Fairless, have been wryly dissecting outfits worn on the show, exploring much more than just the iconic wardrobe choices of the SATC posse in the process. Since launching the account six months ago, they've amassed 270,000 followers. Now, they've quietly started rolling out legitimately cool SATC merch on a new site, Miranda Solidarity. Yesterday, they 'grammed a shot of their $25 #Miranda Solidarity tote, pictured above, and the first batch sold out in one day. But don't worry: They're restocking ASAP, so you can preorder now for December 17 delivery. The most Miranda thing of all about the bag: 15% of proceeds will be donated to the California Women's Law Center. Hey, it just might replace your go-to Outdoor Voices or Reformation tote (or whatever fashion-y canvas bag you gravitate toward). Because when you're closer in age to 30 than to 20, Miranda feels like a more realistic icon with whom to bedeck your merch. Ahead, Fairless and Garroni filled us in on the SATC gear we never knew we absolutely needed.
How did you come up with the concept for the #MirandaSolidarity tote?
Chelsea Fairless: "Shortly after we started the account, Lauren and I began to think about doing products inspired by it. It’s really our dream merch from the show that they would never make. We wanted something fashionable, but also utilitarian — so, naturally, we thought of a tote. Also, we’re not the type of people to be wearing a ‘I’m a Samantha’ shirt, and we figured our followers wouldn’t be, either."

Why did you decide to donate
15% of sales to the California Women's Law Center?
CF: "We wanted to donate some of the proceeds to a charitable organization, in part because of the current political climate, but also because it was the Miranda thing to do. The California Women’s Law Center breaks down barriers and advances the potential of women and girls through transformative litigation, policy advocacy, and education. It's something we think Miranda would be all about."

What's the deal with the "we are all Miranda" hashtag?
Lauren Garroni: "When the account began, we felt like we were Miranda apologists. We think she’s the best character, but figured most people were Team Carrie. But with our second post, the first Miranda one [shown below], we realized there were more of us out there than we thought. Although it shouldn’t be surprising, as we all relate to eating cake out of the garbage. #MirandaSolidarity is for all the girls who aspire to make partner by 35 and be the first of their group to buy their own apartment on the Upper West Side."

Miranda's iconic monochromatic overalls & puffer coat ensemble (S2 /EP1) #butch #MirandaOffDuty

A photo posted by Every outfit on Sex & the City (@everyoutfitonsatc) on

What's up with the pro-Hillary-esque hashtags, like #ImWithMiranda?
CF: "Like #ImWithHer, #MirandaSolidarity is a symbol of female power and unity. We deliberately used language that was reminiscent of popular hashtags pertaining to politics or social justice issues. To us, the #MirandaSolidarity bag is shining a light on a woman whose value system we admire. Wearing it is a way to show others that you align with a very ‘Miranda’ ideology. Also, it’s just a good tote bag. For real, we made sure it had a nice weight — no paper-thin Fashion Week gift bag for our followers." There are also two T-shirts available on MirandaSolidarity.com. Are you planning to roll out anything else merch-wise?
LG: "Yes, we’re in the midst of launching our tote bag empire. Kidding! We’re actually only doing products that we feel relate to each character’s ethos. A tote bag only makes sense for Miranda, as she actually used them on the show. However, we’ll soon be expanding out to products that are beyond shirts and totes. Our ultimate goal to is produce merch inspired by the account, but beyond SATC."

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