Proof That You're Never Too Old For Mother-Daughter Outfit Coordinating

At some point or another, any of us could have been subjected to coordinated dressing, be it with a sibling, parent, or very enthusiastic squad leader. Not even the Kardashian children were exempt from this tradition — and it's one they've proudly continued on with their own next of kin. But matching outfits usually becomes much less frequent as we grow older. However, the cutesy practice doesn't need to be relegated to #TBTs or old family photo albums. In fact, Reese Witherspoon and her 17-year-old daughter Ava Phillippe prove there's a way to keep it going in a much more subtle (and much more stylish) manner.

Witherspoon made it a family affair at the premiere of her latest film, Sing, bringing along her husband and three children. While sons Deacon and Tennessee had their own matching moment thanks to mirror-checkered Vans, it was doppelgängers Reese and Ava that raised the bar for red carpet coordination.
Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.
Photo: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images.
Witherspoon opted for a black Elie Saab minidress, the tulle embellished with sparkly star accents. Phillippe also went the LBD route, with some slight distinguishing factors: hers was a spaghetti-strap frock dotted with black beads throughout. Both wore ankle-strap black heels and subtle bling (Anita Ko baubles for Reese, the requisite cool-teen choker for Ava).

Their ensembles may not have been carbon copies, but the commonalities in silhouettes and dress styles are sweet nods to each others' looks. Hey, it may not be bespoke matching Gucci, but it's still very cute.

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