Buzz Aldrin, Second Man On The Moon, Keeps Up With Kim K.

Photo: Getty Images.
One might imagine that in the Venn diagram detailing the intersection of "world-famous astronauts" and "fans of Kim Kardashian," the overlap is but a sliver, if it exists at all. However, just yesterday, Buzz Aldrin placed himself in that small piece of real estate. The second man on the moon tweeted a photo of himself catching up — or keeping up — with Kim Kardashian, as CNN reports. In the photo, Aldrin holds a newspaper that features Kardashian West herself. Aldrin is currently under quarantine in Christchurch, New Zealand.

"Catching up on the world while I'm stuck in quarantine. Apparently, Kim Kardashian is out in public again," he wrote in the caption. Two things: 1. Buzz Aldrin counts Kim Kardashian as part of the world. 2. Are we sure she's back in public? The star has been uncharacteristically out of sight since being robbed at gunpoint in October. And she hasn't really reentered the public sphere yet. Just as she was about to make her first public appearance since the attack, her husband Kanye West was hospitalized. West's condition sent the star back under the cover of privacy. So, she's not out in the public again, Aldrin. Hate to fact-check you there, but it seems gossip rags in New Zealand aren't up to snuff.
Nevertheless, the poor guy is stuck in quarantine — hardly a hospitable environment for fast-paced journalism. So, we'll let this one slide.

The Apollo 11 crew member is under medical watch after being evacuated from the South Pole. He was vacationing at the luxurious White Desert resort, which supervises 5-star accommodations in Antarctica.

Aldrin said in a press release, "Thanks to everyone from around the world for their well wishes and support. I’m being very well looked after in Christchurch. I’m looking forward to getting home soon to spend Christmas with my family and to continue my quest for Cycling Pathways and a permanent settlement on Mars. You ain’t seen nothing yet!"

Let that be a lesson: You can dedicate your life to a permanent settlement on Mars and be engaged in Kim Kardashian's personal turmoil.


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