Holiday Gifts For People You Secretly Hate

The frenemy you hate-follow on Instagram, the aunt who spreads fake news on Facebook, the roommate who really needs to move out already — as the saying goes, it takes all kinds. But the truth is, we’ve all got a few people in our lives who could benefit from a bit of tough love.
Emphasis on the love part — pettiness won’t get you anywhere. And who needs to be petty anyway, when you can throw shade so expertly that nobody will blink an eye? (Rihanna isn't the only one with the talent.)
Ahead, we rounded up nine gifts that look well-intentioned — but with product names that sneakily help you speak your mind. That’s right: You can tease your BFF, let your coworker know what’s up, and gently break the news to a friend that she's being a mooch, all without saying a word. And if something hits too close to home, well…it’s just a coincidence, right? Right.

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