29 New Takes On Taylor Swift That You've NEVER Heard Before

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It's been over two years since Taylor Swift's 1989 dropped. That's a long time for devoted Swifties to be without new music.

Fortunately, artists across genres have been putting their own spin on Swift tracks to fill that void. YouTube is full of pop-punk Swift covers if you're feeling angsty. Some of her BFFs have performed her songs on stage (texting her permission beforehand, I'm sure). There are Swift-adjacent tunes to dance to, relax to, and run to. There's even a metal retooling of "Bad Blood."

Click through for enough new takes on Swift to hold you over until her next album. It might even distract you from the Taylor-Drake collab rumors.
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"I Knew You Were Trouble" Covered By Boyce Avenue
This acoustic take on Swift's ode to regret seems happier and bouncier than the original.
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"Love Story" Covered By The Piano Guys
This instrumental take could totally play in the background of a period piece or Grey's Anatomy episode.
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"Our Song" Covered By The Merrell Twins
It's always impressive when you need to break out the split screen to showcase all your musical talents.
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"Shake It Off" Covered By Amelie
The only song to break out at your early-2000s skater party.
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"Love Story" Covered By Union J
The go-to song of high school girls everywhere covered by a boy band.
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"Bad Blood" Covered By Alessia Cara
This take on the girl-power anthem is tinged with some sweetness.
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"I Knew You Were Trouble" Covered By Selena Gomez & The Scene
I'm sure Taylor would be cool with her bestie taking a crack at her song.
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"Bad Blood" Covered By Sam Tsui
The magic of technology means Tsui doesn't have to look further than his own bedroom for a full a cappella group.
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"You Belong With Me" Covered By I Hate My Ex
Pop-punk really does capture the angst of the original song.
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"Wildest Dreams" Covered By Brandon Skeie
Swift's ballad is still sweeping, but gets a dance beat.
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"I Knew You Were Trouble" Covered By Rhett Price & Josh Knowles
The kind of cover that makes you wish you'd stuck with those violin lessons.
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"Bad Blood" Covered By Anthony Vincent
Twenty covers in under five minutes.
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"Blank Space/Style" Covered By Louisa Wendorff
Two Swift songs are better than one.
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"Love Story" Covered By The Current Live Cover & Yellowcard
A cover with a nod to Swift's country roots.
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"Style" Covered By Cimorelli
A modern-day Partridge family tackles a track off 1989.
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"Shake It Off" Covered By Charli XCX
Charli XCX somehow makes "Shake It Off" even more danceable, with a fun, '80s energy.
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"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" Covered By Gracenote
The perfect cover to play at a high school dance.
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"22" Covered By The Vamps
There's no way anyone in that band has personal experience feeling 22.
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"Shake It Off" Covered By Ryan Adams
A dreamy track off Adams' full album of Swift covers.
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"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" Covered By Fifth Harmony
Before they had hits of their own, Fifth Harmony broke out a Swift classic on The X Factor.
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"Blank Space" Covered By Backtrack & Dominique Roberts
Swift has obviously become a staple of the a cappella circuit.
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"Shake It Off" Covered By Nick Pitera
Pitera, best known for his Disney song covers, manages to fit in a shout-out to his haters.
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"Shake It Off" Covered By Postmodern Jukebox & Von Smith
One of Swift's most recent hits gets a serious throwback vibe.
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"Out of The Woods" Covered By Landon Austin
The relationship postmortem seems more interesting sung by multiple musicians.
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"Today Was A Fairytale" Covered By 16 Strings Quartet
Taylor Swift — tuxedo edition.
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"22" Covered By Alex Goot, Sam Tsui, Chrissy & King The Kid
This musician collective definitely nailed the feel of a Taylor music video.
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"Mine" Covered By Naya Rivera
Glee did nail some of its pop covers, particularly when they let Rivera sing.
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"Blank Space" Covered By Twenty One Two
Because a Taylor Swift cover can have a home at Hot Topic.
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"I Knew You Were Trouble" Covered By Jessie J
Nothing fancy, just one talented pop star covering another.
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