Teen Responds Perfectly To Parents Asking Her To Change Her BLM Shirt For Thanksgiving

During Thanksgiving, many of us get thrown together at a dinner table with relatives who disagree with our politics. Some people deal with this by avoiding the topic altogether. But 19-year-old student Rebecca Malstrom wasn't going to stay silent. Instead, she took the opportunity to educate her family on the Black Lives Matter movement. The Baltimore resident decided to defy the "no politics at Thanksgiving" rule her family had put in place and wear a BLM shirt to dinner — and her mom wasn't happy. "I think she was under the impression that I was kidding," Malstrom told BuzzFeed. "I love my extended family to Pluto and back, but a lot of us don’t see eye-to-eye on politics. So being my petty self, I became the one to figuratively 'stir the pot' on Thanksgiving." So when her mom asked her to change her shirt, she did — and promptly put on another BLM shirt.
Her family ended up respecting the "no politics" rule and Malstrom doesn't think she broke it, either. As she put it, "I don’t think it’s really such a radical or controversial statement to say that 'a certain group of people don’t deserve to die because their skin is inherently seen as a crime.'"

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