These Are The Gifts You Should Buy The Music Lovers In Your Life

Illustration by Louisa Cannell.
Raise your hand if this sounds like a familiar scenario to you: 'Twas the month before gift-giving season, and you had some really good intentions to shop early. It was all part of your plan to both beat the rush and also pick out some super-thoughtful, truly special presents for your nearest and dearest. You were going to beat Santa Claus at his own game and he would have never seen it coming.
But then — the weeks ticked by. No gifts were bought. (Except for those sweet knee-high boots you purchased for yourself on Black Friday because they were on super sale and how could you be expected to pass that up?) And suddenly, it's mid-December and you're wracking your brain for what to buy for who and how to get it to them on time.
If that sounds like you, first put your raised hand down because you're starting to look nuts. Second, get thee to our gift curator, because it might save your life. Third, if there are any music lovers on your list, then chill completely because we've already pulled together a long list of on-point presents for that set. But time is still of the essence, so let's get right to the good stuff.
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Gift Idea: Graphic Design-meets-Music Trivia poster

This is a very intricate taxonomy of Rap Names. PopChart Lab has many more similarly intricate posters, including the Visual Compendium of Guitars.
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Photo: via Amazon.
Gift Idea: The Sheet Music Of Their Favorite Band

If the object of your present giving is a musician, then why not gift them a songbook from one of their favorite bands?
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Photo: Courtesy of MiniCutePatches Etsy Shop.
Gift Idea: Tiny Iron On Guitar Patches

Aren't these deeply adorable? Almost as adorable as these (non sequitur alert) tiny hamburger appliques.
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Photo: Courtesy of Uncommon Goods.
Gift Idea: Personalized Record Doormat

This is one way to do a welcome mat, I guess?
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Photo: Courtesy of Brookstone.
Gift Idea: Arianna Grande Cat Headphones

Also a solid choice for people who like their tunes with feline ears. Brookstone really outdid itself this time.
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Photo: Courtesy of Tidal.
Gift Idea: Tidal Subscription

Giving the gift of Tidal is also giving the gift of the Lemonade visual album. Now just think about that for a second.
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Photo: Geoff Robinson Photography/REX/Shutterstock.
Gift Idea: Bruce! (Okay, Concert Tickets)

If anyone can give me Bruce for Christmas, I would be mighty obliged. But short of that, concert tickets — or a Ticketmaster gift card — would not be a bad way to go.
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Photo: United Artists/REX/Shutterstock.
Gift Idea: A Ukulele

Admit it. You thought I was going to tell you to buy a Marilyn Monroe poster and doubted my gift-recommendation cred. But seriously: A ukulele isn't a bad present, and they're pretty cheap on Amazon. Just saying.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bloom Perfume.
Gift Idea: Music-Themed Perfume

No joke. The scent is inspired by M.I.A.'s song "Sunshowers."
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Photo: Courtesy of I.Am.+
Gift Idea: Wireless Headphones

We have a LOT of ideas about this particular present choice, folks. Check them all out here.
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Photo: Courtesy of Hellasox Etsy Shop.
Gift Idea: Holiday-Themed Kanye Socks

I'm dreammming of a Kannnye Christmas!
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Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
Gift Idea: Vintage Vinyl

For your friend who has a record player and nothing to spin. Or maybe they do have some vinyl, but you're hoping that this year's holiday party isn't just old Smiths albums again.
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Photo: Courtesy of FlowersVTG Etsy Shop.
Gift Idea: Vintage Concert Tee

For the throwback grunge-lover in your life who would rather have this than something fancy and equally expensive.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cal Arts Candles Etsy Shop.
Gift Idea: Dolly Parton Saint Candle

And if you're not into Dolly (how dare you?!), this Etsy shop has a whole slew of celeb candles.
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Photo: Courtesy of DittyByte Etsy Shop.
Gift Idea: USB Mixtape

So, here's what you do: Make a playlist. Save it on your desktop. Upload it onto this USB. Give it to the human you have a crush on. Assume they'll read between the lyrics. Live happily ever after or until you're over it and get back on Tinder.
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Photo: Courtesy of Living Earth Ceramics Etsy Shop.
Gift Idea: iPhone Amplifier

This one is ceramic and very modern-minimalist! But honestly, it's a good thing to have even if it looks silly. So perhaps add it to your "maybe buy" list.
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Photo: Courtesy of Spotify.
Gift Idea: Spotify Subscription

'Nuff said. Bonus points: Curate a couple playlists for the recipient.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Big Top Shop Etsy Shop.
Gift Idea: Vintage Concert Poster

Your mom — and by your mom, I mean my mom — is going to really dig this Sonny and Cher gem.
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Photo: Courtesy of Silicone Gamer Etsy Shop.
Gift Idea: Music-Themed Cookie Cutters

For the baker in your life who also took guitar lessons that one summer between senior year and college, and fancies themselves a musical pastry chef of sorts.
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Photo: Courtesy of Fine Art Designs Etsy Shop.
Gift Idea: Amp-Shaped Phone Cover

Does not come with miniature electric guitar. (Sorry.) Does come with general awesomeness. (Seriously.)
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Photo: Courtesy of Legends of Rap Etsy Shop.
Gift Idea: Legends Of Rap Card Deck

Want to know everything about the artists who put the rap scene into motion? Then you need this deck of trading cards. And if you're feeling generous, you can also buy one for a friend. Win-win.
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Photo: Julie Jacobson/AP/REX/Shutterstock.
Gift Idea: Music Lessons

No, I'm not advocating for you to give Elton John to a friend as a present. But since he is the patron saint of piano playing, here's a thought: A gift certificate for a music lesson — be it on the ivories, or the kazoo — isn't a bad way to encourage someone you care about to let their creativity flag fly.
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Gift Idea: Books About Music Or By Musicians

This David Byrne book is a great pick because it also looks good on a coffee table, even if the lucky recipient doesn't read it. But there are oodles of music-themed book options. Go get 'em.
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Photo: Courtesy of Draw Me A Song Etsy Shop.
Gift Idea: Illustrated Drake Poster

This is the "Hotline Bling" dance in drawing form. But if you're not feeling the Drake poster as a present, then perhaps a "Single Ladies" illustration is more your style?
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Photo: Courtesy of Paper Face Studio Etsy Shop.
Gift Idea: A Harmonica That Is Also A Necklace

So you can take the music with you, wherever you go! (Note: Write that in the card that goes with this present.)
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Photo: Courtesy of EsdeMusica Etsy Shop.
Gift Idea: The Tiniest Music Box Ever

It's so cute and small AND you get to pick the song it plays.
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Photo: Courtesy of Albatross Guitars Etsy Shop.
Gift Idea: A Build-Your-Own Electric Guitar Kit

Honestly, this seems like a lot of work, but if someone is into building things and also happens to know how to play the guitar, maybe they would appreciate the project.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trending Tops Etsy Shop.
Gift Idea: Bieber Stuff

Really, any Bieber stuff. But specifically, this Bieber-themed T-shirt.
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Photo: Courtesy of Target.
Gift Idea: A Record Player

"The sound quality, you guys. The SOUND quality!" This is what your friend — who after receiving this gift will listen exclusively to records— will say whenever someone else brings up Spotify. Part of the present is putting up with their album snobbery. That's even more generous than giving them the record player in the long run.
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Photo: Courtesy of Apple.
Gift Idea: Apple Music Subscription

Your mom, who finally figured out how to use her iPhone, will love this!
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Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
Gift Idea: Smashmouth's Cookbook

Okay, no. Do not give this cookbook to anyone, because the gift of Guy Fieri forwards is not actually a gift. But there is no shortage of rock-'n'-roll cookbooks. So do a little poking around on Amazon, and I'm sure you'll find something suited to your needs that is a little more all star. (See what happened there?)
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Photo: Courtesy of Bose.
Gift Idea: Fancy Bluetooth Speaker

For the person who has everything except this tiny box, which blares music at alarming levels capable of shaking your apartment walls.
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