29 Childhood Shows You Can Stream Right Now

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Going home for the holidays can be a time of slight regression. It's why you might pick silly fights with your siblings over who gets the last roll or bust out your almost forgotten high school sweatshirt. In the spirit of lighthearted nostalgia, it might be time to forgo the Game of Thrones binge your cousin suggested and curl up with a marathon of your favorite childhood shows. Streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime have a huge library of Nicktoons and Cartoon Network favorites.

These are the kinds of shows sure to bring you right back to the days before you could text during commercial breaks. Check out the shows you loved as a kid before you watch one of the upcoming reboots. Or introduce some classic children's programming to your own kids and younger family members. These episodes can even provide the perfect background vibe if your attention is needed in the kitchen, but you want to leave something on.
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Rugrats (Seasons 1-9) on Hulu

For a fun game, try to count all the times someone should have called child protective services on the Pickles family for never knowing exactly where their babies were.
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Madeline (Seasons 1-4) on Hulu

The favorite show of every kid who grew up to hang an Amélie poster on their dorm room wall.
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Hey Arnold! (Seasons 1-5) on Hulu

Catch up on the adventures of football head and the girl who loved him before the reboot comes out.
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Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (Seasons 1-3) on Hulu

Sit back and remember how deeply weird this show about a young scientist and his less scientifically inclined friends truly was.
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The Wild Thornberrys (Seasons 1 and 2) on Hulu

This show had one of the best voice casts of all the Nicktoons shows, which included Tim Curry and Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert) herself.
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Doug (Seasons 1-4) on Hulu

Don't worry, it's not the Disney version.
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Invader Zim (Seasons 1-3) on Hulu

When you want to break out your old Hot Topic merchandise and relieve one of the darker Nickelodeon shows.
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My Life As A Teenage Robot (Seasons 1-3) on Hulu

The episode where our young metallic protagonist gets acne in the form of bolts popping up on her face was true art.
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Dexter's Laboratory (Seasons 1-6) on Hulu

The show that taught a generation that the language of love is all about cheese...
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Inspector Gadget (Seasons 1 and 2) on Hulu

Why isn't there a Go-Go Gadget app yet?
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Pokémon (Season 1) on Netflix

No judgment if you just want to watch the theme song over and over.
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Bill Nye The Science Guy (Season 1) on Netflix

Brush up on your science before Bill's new show premieres — he'd be disappointed in you if you forgot the basics.
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Animaniacs (Seasons 1-4) on Netflix

Now you can catch all the more adult jokes in the show you missed as a kid. Plus, you can learn all the countries.
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The Magic School Bus (Seasons 1-4) on Netflix

You've definitely forgotten a lesson or two from the animated science series. How exactly does echolocation work again?
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Goosebumps (Seasons 1-4) on Netflix

The television adaptation of the classic R.L. Stine series was one of Ryan Gosling's first TV credits.
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Garfield and Friends (Seasons 1 and 2) on Netflix

When you were a kid you thought Garfield was funny, but now you understand his apathy and desire for lasagna on a much deeper level.
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Clarissa Explains It All (Seasons 1-5) on Hulu

Catch up on the '90s classic and get some still totally relevant fashion inspiration at the same time.
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The Babysitter's Club (Season 1) on Hulu

Let the waves of nostalgia brought on by the theme song inspire you to finally tackle your childhood bookcase.
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Zoboomafoo (Season 1) on Amazon Prime

There's definitely some animal facts you're still hazy on.
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Little Bear (Season 1) on Amazon Prime

Put this on with your little cousins — it's just as charming as you remember.
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Arthur (Seasons 17 and 18) on Amazon Prime

Put it on if you have to educate your family on the origins of "the meme."
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Drake & Josh (Seasons 1-4) on Hulu

Before there was iCarly, there was this exploration of adolescent brotherhood that convinced you the best possible part-time job was working at a movie theater.
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Saved By The Bell (Seasons 1-6) on Netflix

A show that unites generations — you'll remember it fondly whether you watched it when it first aired or in reruns before school on TBS.
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Power Rangers Turbo (Season 1) on Netflix

Get ready for the upcoming movie and celebrate discovering your old action figure.
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Unfabulous (Seasons 1-3) on Hulu

Watch a young Emma Roberts before she became an American Horror Story star (and serious meme fodder).
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Pingu (Seasons 1-5) on Amazon Prime

For your viewing pleasure, full length "noot noot."

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The Ren & Stimpy Show (Seasons 1-3) on Hulu

This animated show definitely wasn't kid-friendly, which was all the more reason so many kids of a certain generation loved it.
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The Saddle Club (Seasons 1 and 2) on Hulu

This was the favorite show of every little girl who ever asked for a pony for Christmas.
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Totally Spies (Seasons 1-3) on Hulu

Indulge in this classic girl-power cartoon.
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