You’re About To See This Throwback Beauty Trend Everywhere

Photo Courtesy Of Violent Lips.
Makeup stickers: We loved them in the early 2000s — when neon colors and skin doodles were all the rage — but until recently, we hadn’t seen them anywhere. Fast-forward a decade, and our middle school must-have is finally staging its comeback. Just last month, Amber Rose launched a set of badass decals with Flirt Cosmetics. Now, there’s yet another on the market — and the range is cooler than we imagined stickers could be. The latest appliqués are the Minis from Violent Lips, a brand launched in 2011 by teenagers Isabella (in the photo above) and Sophia Haddad. At the time, they were only 13 and 9 years old, respectively, and wanted to create a line of temporary tats that let them express themselves. (Anyone else kicking themselves for not starting a business before high school?) The sisters' newest stickers come in miniature form, and Sophia says they are all inspired by their years of doodling in notebooks and, of course, the endless use of emojis. Here's what else is cool: You can slap any of 'em onto your lips, eyes, nails, or anywhere else — and yeah, even your notebook, bathroom mirror, and phone, too.
"There are temporary tattoos out there, but they are usually limited to just one area on the body," says Isabella. "Minis can be applied literally anywhere." Even better: One pack (which comes with a whopping 100 colorful mini-stickers) will only set you back $10, so apply with abandon. Ready to feel nostalgic? Head over to Violent Lips to snag your own set. I, for one, already have my lips scrubbed, primed, and ready for action.

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