Amber Rose Is Making This 2000s Trend Cool Again

Amber Rose is the queen of cool. She unapologetically owns that orgasms make her skin glow, believes that slut-shaming is the new anti-feminism, and has become the baddest bitch ever to represent an Estée Lauder-owned brand. Rose isn't afraid to go against societal "norms," which is why her latest projects with Flirt Cosmetics are so fitting. Last month, it was an innovative lash applicator, and today marks the launch of her beauty stickers. Rose has plenty of ink herself, but the concept is still 100% unexpected. We got an exclusive look at the details. The newest product, named Flirt CHICers, is like a sticker book for adults. On every sheet, you get an array of decals (including eyeliner, polka dots, stars, hearts, and more) for your lids, cheeks, or lips. Sound like something you'd have lived for during your angsty teenage years? Yeah, we thought so, too — until we tried them on. Check out a close-up of the available black-and-red designs, below.
In truth, we haven't worn a makeup sticker since the early-2000s and weren't sure we were ready to go back (although, admittedly, that decade is having a bit of a moment). But these designs are anything but cheesy — in fact, they're much more grown-up than we'd ever imagined. Even better, they're so easy to press on (and peel off), you could practically consider them the one-night stands of adhesive makeup. So, why not do a little experimenting? As Amber Rose would say: There's no shame in the game.

Flirt Cosmetics
CHICers, $18, available today at Flirt Cosmetics.

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