Beyond Lip Scrubs: New Ways To End Chapped Lips, Forever

Cruel winter air is known to do a number on skin — it’s why beauty superstars like humidifiers and body butters tend to pop up as soon as we bundle up. When it comes to lips, though, it’s usually a choice between one balm and the other. Don’t our mouths deserve some dedicated pampering, too?
“When lips are moist on the surface from your saliva, they attract moisture from deep within the skin,” explains skin-care pro and celebrity favorite Renée Rouleau. “This moisture evaporates into the dry air. Adding to this, there are digestive enzymes in saliva that can break down the skin, causing the corners to crack.” So, it’s not just the December chill that causes painful chapping.
We can conclude that our lips deserve a spa day — a lip facial, if you will. Along with Rouleau, we solicited expert advice from makeup artists Jake Bailey, Quinn Murphy, and Jeanine Lobell to help ease your poor, peeling, flaking pout. Click through to read their chapped-lips tips.

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