For Paris Hilton, The Juicy Couture Tracksuit Was Never Over

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Is there anyone more emblematic of early-aughts fashion than Paris Hilton? Absolutely not. With her technicolor velour tracksuit collection and array of designer shoulder bags, the socialite-turned-television personality is often the first image that comes to mind when we #TBT #OOTDs from the early '00s (yes, we do that). Hilton's style influence is felt pretty strongly even in 2016: Kendall Jenner directly referenced the heiress' famous chain-mail 21st-birthday dress with her own take on the frock. In a new interview with Vogue, Hilton reveals a few interesting tidbits about the resurgence of garments once thought long-gone, including the status of her Juicy Couture wardrobe. (Spoiler: It's alive and well.) We know that, for the fashion world at large, track is back. However, for Hilton, the look never left. "I’ve never stopped wearing them," she told Vogue. "I think they’re so comfortable and I love the colors. They’re great for traveling or just chilling at your house." There are other comeback trends she's into — such as low-rise jeans and chain-mail — and others she's not super thrilled about. "I'm not into Uggs unless it’s like nobody can see me wearing them, like I’m at my house or something," she admitted to the publication. Oh, and about Jenner's tribute to Hilton: Turns out, the socialite saw it in the flesh at the model's birthday party. "I was just at her birthday party the other night, and when I was saying hi to her I looked down at her dress and I’m like, 'Oh my god that dress is stunning,'" Hilton recalled to Vogue, before realizing that it was, essentially, the same thing she wore to her own 21st fête. "We were laughing about how the dresses look exactly alike, and she looked stunning in it, it was such a beautiful dress," she added.
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The original is still hanging in her closet, Hilton said — and it may see the light of day once again in the near future. We'll be waiting. Read more of Hilton's musings about early-aughts fashion over at Vogue.

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