This Might Be The Perfect Wedding Proposal

We've been flooded with over-the-top wedding proposals ever since people figured out how to upload videos to YouTube. There's the Beauty and the Beast proposal (try not to tear up), the two-years-in-the-making travel-blogger proposal, the epic Olympic proposal and many, many more.
But this proposal is so simple and so lovely that it only requires a GIF.
A bride, about to toss her bouquet, turns to directly face a woman and softballs the bouquet into her arms. Two other women turn her around and a man steps forward and bends down on one knee. So. Much. Aww.
The GIF was originally posted on Reddit. The redditor shared that they had attended the wedding and the woman who was proposed to is the bride's sister, which makes it even sweeter. A sister who will share the spotlight on her wedding day is #siblinggoals.
A word to the wise: If you are considering a similar proposal, be sure to get the soon-to-be married couple enthusiastically on board. If they're not, don't push it or take it personally. A wedding is a celebration of a couple's love. If they want to extend that to include your proposal, great, but if they want to have they day be about them, let them. Because, as one redditor wrote, "I'm getting married tomorrow. My bride would murder everyone in the room with our engraved cake knife."
And while the gif is perfect, the video with sound needs to be seen as well. Try not to have all the feelings, we dare you.

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