You Have To See Khloé Kardashian’s Painful Tattoo Removal

Update: After a handful of (particularly painful-looking) treatments, it looks like Khloé Kardashian is still getting her lower back tattoo removed. And while it might not be any less excruciating, this last process seemed to be a lot more fun. Case in point: The star's recent Snapchat videos, which she posted earlier this week, show her narrating the entire process. Big sister, Kim, is there the whole time — doing what sisters do best: poke fun at the situation at hand. Check it out for yourself, below.
This story was originally published on November 10, 2016.
Tracking cool girls’ latest tattoo adventures is a pretty easy pursuit: Want to see Cara sporting a new serpent and Hilary Duff with incog new ink? Just open Instagram and scroll. But what happens years after the fact, when the allure of the art may have faded? Let’s just say that flaunting one’s tattoo removal doesn’t get as much play.
Leave it to Khloé Kardashian to show us what few others will: exactly what it takes to get that ink erased. In a video posted to her website today, the reality star gave us a very intimate look at what goes down during a tattoo-removal session. And judging from her squirming, it’s no walk in the park.
In the video, Kardashian shares the story behind the art that’s on its way out. Back when Kardashian was a young whippersnapper, she got what she describes as a “tramp stamp” of a cross on her lower back when out and about with Nicole Richie.
Photo: Via @khloekardashian/Instagram.
“[She] has the same cross. And then, I added angel wings when my dad died and added the word ‘daddy,’” Kardashian shares. “But I’m not realizing at 19 that that’s kind of a sexual place to put a tattoo. And the angel wings looked like a butterfly, so the whole thing is like...we need to remove this.”
As dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian preps the machine, you can see Kardashian anticipate what’s to come: a painful process that, once in motion, causes Kardashian to take deep breaths, wince, and throw out a boatload of expletives as the laser does its work.
Off-camera, a producer asks, “What’s worse: this or getting a tattoo?”
“This,” Kardashian replies without hesitation. After just a minute, the session is done. This being her third treatment, Kardashian knows what’s to come: “Now the after, today and all night...”
Ourian jumps in to finish her sentence diplomatically, “You’re going to be very aware of your back,” he says. Translation: It’s gonna hurt. Judging from the close-up shot of her back, Kardashian likely has to endure a few more sessions before the ink is fully faded.

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