We’re All About The Comeback Of The Political Pin

Photo: Courtesy of Pins Won't Save The World.
If you've found yourself drawn to purchasing a bunch of catchy enamel pins and patches over the past year, you're not alone. Thanks to the rise of brands like Pintrill and Valley Cruise Press, we can all wear our beliefs (and meme preferences) on our sleeves — and what better time than during election season to really show people how you feel? Instead of the usual pieces that highlight your undying love for avocados, these accessories provide us with the opportunity to share our values and positions regarding the current climate in America. But, you know this isn't the first time that's happened.
Campaign buttons date all the way back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries. For Jessica Walsh and Stefen Sagmeister of Pins Won't Save The World, pins especially make sense right now, consider the whirlwind of an election it's been, and millennials' roles in it all. "We are both terrified of the idea of Trump becoming president and we wanted to do whatever we could (however small) to use our voices and design skills to remind people to register and vote for Hillary," Walsh tells Refinery29. "We realized that most political merchandise is ugly. We wanted to do something that would resonate with millennial voters, who are liberal but apathetic when it comes to voting. It was a natural connection to think of enamel pins, which are very trendy right now," she continues.
And still, by the name itself, it's obvious the two knew this wasn't going to change the world — but every small effort counts in an election this terrifyingly close. "We realize that design's role in politics is very small. That said, sometimes elections can come down to a handful of votes, and we felt compelled to do whatever we could to remind our like-minded friends to register and vote. Plus, making them and wearing them made us feel a lot better. It's been really fun to see people taking photos of their pins and posting on social, and how they've used them as a catalyst to voice their points of views on social media," Walsh explains.
Stocked with pins, patches, tees, posters, stickers, and totes, many of Pins Won't Save The World's designs have already sold out over and over again. So, now's your chance to stock up on what's left before they're all gone for good (and before the election finally comes to a close). And, profits are donated to Amnesty International, so they're feel-good purchases all around. Click on to shop our picks, and let these items serve as one final reminder to vote on November 8.

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