Sorry, But Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume Was Kind Of A Letdown

There are two things we've come to expect every Halloween. 1. We'll go to bed rueing the day candy corn was ever invented. 2. Heidi Klum will step out in a Halloween costume to end all Halloween costumes. This year, we got one out of two. In yet another example of 2016 sucking big time, the supermodel opted out of celebrating with another mind-blowing getup involving latex, wigs, or painted-on varicose veins. She didn't even bust out a witch hat or pair of plastic fangs. She went as herself. Klum had teased fans that this year's costume would have a German theme. We didn't realize that she was referring to her own German heritage, and that the costume would really just involve having five other beauties outfitted with prosthetics to make them look vaguely like her. According to People, the women all popped out of a large box labeled "Made in Germany" before storming the red carpet at Klum's annual party last night.
Don't get us wrong — we've seen far, far worse costumes this year. It's actually pretty clever, if you ignore the fact that the Heidi on the right is a dead ringer for Melania Trump. But it's not the sort of spectacle we've come to expect from the Project Runway host. This is a woman who went as a cadaver. Last year she transformed herself into a pneumatic Jessica Rabbit. This year just pales in comparison. Is it fair to put all this pressure on Klum? No, but there's no denying that she's culpable in setting her own bar for Halloween extraordinarily high. We can't blame her for wanting to take a break from the special effects. But we also can't blame ourselves for missing them.

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