Berets Are Having A Moment

Looking back at the last few years, we've seen every stage of "French girl style" come to fruition, from early adoption, to peak popularity, and even its inevitable downfall. For a moment in the beginning, there was an obsession with French women and their seemingly effortless ensembles, perfectly imperfect "bed head," and general DGAF attitude toward style.
But before we knew it, the concept was over-saturated, beat to a pulp by the industry (us included), and flipped on its head by people changing what we all knew as typical French girl style in the first place. Yet somehow, despite putting the whole je ne sais quoi thing behind us, the beret is still one of the biggest accessories of the moment — over the past few weeks, the cheeky hat du jour has started dominating our Instagram feeds. Is this our attempt to hang on to our ideals of that Vanessa Paradis feel? Is it just ironic enough to be edgy? Or, is it really just a cozy fall hat option? The answer may be unclear, but there's no doubt that this cutesy French topper is making a comeback, big time. Will you be adopting the look this season? Let the #OOTDs ahead help you decide.

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