This Sexy Hosiery Costume Is Too Hilarious

There's pretty much nothing Halloween won't make sexy—even Ken Bone wasn't safe. Now it's basically a contest to see who can find the most ridiculous option, but sometimes the answer is right in front of you, and Jamie Kruger might have just found it.
Kruger, an active Tumblr user, decided to dress up as "Sexy Halloween Costume," aka, just a pair of sexy legs. Dressed in fishnet stockings and heels, Kruger covered the rest of his body with a giant board that looks exactly like the plastic cases that carry the costumes in stores. According to the package, the costume is $19.99 and includes a "sexy costume" and "lace thigh highs." And when it comes to what's usually available for women during this time of year, it's not too far off. "Every Halloween, my sister tends to catalog the newest 'sexy' costumes," Kruger told The Daily Dot. "Some are just absurd, others are seen through the critical lens of being a parent to a young teen girl. The idea for this costume was just the natural evolution of the pop-up store 'sexy costume' formula. But it's also just hilarious to put fishnet legs on an inanimate object." So if you're still not sure what to wear for Halloween, the ultimate last-minute solution is sitting in the back of your dresser.