Of Course There's Already A Ken Bone Halloween Costume

Photo: Jim Bourg-Pool/Getty Images.
Ken Bone was the internet's undisputed MVP from Sunday's town hall debate, which in and of itself didn't give us much to be happy about. Still, the undecided voter from Illinois was all of us, Twitter said, with his sensible red sweater and political skepticism. From a fashion standpoint, while people were discussing the possible shade in Melania Trump's pussy-bow blouse, Bone was selling out his Izod pullover. Memes and late-night appearances ensued, and it was decided: Ken Bone was the topical Halloween costume to beat this year.

Once the seed was planted, the web reacted quickly. There's already a site advertising an "official" Ken Bone Halloween costume — because it's 2016, and this is the world we live in. For $50, you get the undecided-voter starter pack: a long-sleeved T-shirt printed to the likeness of Bone's zip-up sweater, a pair of glasses, a microphone, and a mustache. Questions about energy policy not included. Want something more subtle? How about the "Sexy Undecided Voter" getup Yandy put on its website yesterday, which sold out within four hours? Yes, this is a thing you could spend $99.95 on.

Many offered their own alternatives and DIYs for Bone's now-iconic debate-night uniform, as well as their predictions of what we'll see on October 31.
The man himself is down with the idea: He told The New York Times that he, too, plans on being Ken Bone for Halloween this year. ("I'll wear the sweater again, and I'll dress as me because I look just like me," he explained.) For those who want to cop his style, though? He recommends moving on that — stat. "You better be quick," Bone warned viewers during an appearance on Anderson Cooper 360. "The sweater is sold out on Amazon, and mustaches don't come overnight."

In a world of Donald Trump impersonators, be Ken Bone this Halloween. (Or not — that's cool, too.)

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