Ken Bone, Unlikely Fashion Icon, Causes Red Sweater To Sell Out

No matter who you're voting for, Sunday night's presidential debate was undeniably hard to watch until a blessed ray of sunshine appeared by the name of Ken Bone. Ken Bone was (and still is, apparently) an undecided voter from Belleville, Illinois who asked candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton about their energy policies all while wearing a delightful red sweater. Specifically, a red sweater from the brand Izod, which has already sold out of the item since its political debut.
It's not really the sweater that's special (it's just a basic machine-wash cable-knit pullover), but the man wearing it, who quickly became a meme after asking a pretty basic question about energy policy and the environment. He was the voice of calm reason in a somewhat ugly debate, and he got even better the more the internet learned about him. For instance, Monday morning he told CNN that the only reason he was wearing the iconic red sweater in the first place was because he had split the pants of the "nice olive suit" he was originally planning on wearing. Also, his only tweet before this newfound meme-dom was this one in 2013:
Now, he's a Twitter celebrity.
If you want to have a chat with Ken Bone, he seems pretty down to interact over social media. If you want to dress like him, however, you're going to have to wait.

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