Stop Everything: Sarah Jessica Parker’s SATC Hair Is A Lie

“I’m so sorry that I’m wearing [this much] base!” exclaims Sarah Jessica Parker, immediately after introducing herself. “I don’t normally have this much makeup on, but I was just doing this late night thing and...” she trails off. It's 7:00 p.m. and we’re catching her at the Ulta Beauty store in Los Angeles — just minutes after she finished a talk show circuit for her new TV show Divorce and right before a fan event for her new perfume, Stash.
“You look amazing!” I reply — and it’s true. Her skin is glowing and chiseled; her eye makeup dark and smudgy, yet just shimmery enough to look fresh; and her hair is the most beautiful, balayaged
mix of hues, including a spattering of IDGAF (nor do I have time to give AF) grays.
For an A-lister with years of red carpet and media training under her belt, Parker is refreshingly (and somewhat disarmingly) down to earth in person. And when you get her talking about beauty? At one point, I almost forgot I was talking to one of Hollywood's biggest stars and not my best friend.
Ahead, Parker dishes about her go-to drugstore buys, why she's never bothered to learn how to use a blow dryer, and a major hair revelation that honestly changes everything. Check it out ahead.

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