Unicorns Are Bringing Londoners To Work This Week

Whether you're taking a bike, a train, or your own feet, your commute is nowhere near as cool as a few lucky Londoners' this week. Wednesday through Friday, horses dressed as unicorns — yes, unicorns — are stationed all over the city to bring people to work. The animals are drawing carriages the old-fashioned way, Metro UK reports. What's less traditional is that they've got rainbow manes, hooves, and horns.
The gimmick is part of Three and ZTE's #MagicTogether campaign, which is launching the ZTE Blade V7 phone. The new gadget is inside the carriages for people to take pictures of their unicorn rides. "The dark, cold, autumn days may have started to set in but this week we are brightening up the commute for Londoners," Three's blog reads. "Fancy riding a unicorn to work? We thought so."
People were able to request pickups through social media. If you're looking to catch one, though, tough luck. Three announced Wednesday that all the horses — sorry, unicorns — have been reserved.

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