This Lipstick Has A Secret Compartment — But It’s Not What You Think It Is

Photo: Courtesy of Elf.
This week, we discovered that one of favorite lipsticks actually has a secret compartment. We were shocked. If we didn't know this about one of our faves, what else didn't we know about? So we investigated. Turns out, there are a few other products that are playing coy with their functions, and we've gathered them all for you here. E.L.F. moisturizing lipsticks, those fan favorite hydrating lip pigments you can find at the drugstore, have a secret compartment at the bottom of the tube — and we had no idea. Twitter user @spoopykitten first discovered what was hidden behind the teensy color square. At first, there were assumptions it was a balm:
But not so fast! Contrary to popular opinion, the compartment isn't hiding a lip balm. No, the extra bit of product is just that: a sample of the lipstick itself, for your convenience.
Achelle Richards, creative director of E.L.F. cosmetics, says that the hidden sample is there to help you choose a hue when you get to the store: "We know the best way to color match is to see the actual product," she says. "So we designed our moisturizing lipsticks to hold the lipstick formula in the base of the componentry. This feature makes it easier to color match, and we love that it’s been a surprise and delight for many of our fans." So there you have it: It's not a balm, but something better, especially when you've hit the bottom of your bullet. Consider the surprise a bonus lippie — like the extra french fries at the bottom of your takeout bag. E.L.F. isn't the only company that has products with secrets — there's a whole host of beauty products with clandestine capabilities at your disposal.

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