We Bet You Didn’t Know These Products Have Hidden Secrets

We always knew drugstore beauty products were a great value, but it turns out that we haven't been giving them nearly enough credit. In fact, some are hiding major secrets that make them worth a whole lot more in our eyes. We recently picked up some juicy gossip straight from the social media grapevine: Many of our favorite finds actually have hidden compartments that hold extra product or serve a totally different purpose. Mind. Blown.
Ever run out of your favorite lipstick, but need to add a little color to your pout for a last-minute after-work date? We've been there. And had we known that all we had to do was flip over that emptied bullet to reveal a sweet treat — more lipstick — we would have saved ourselves a sprint to CVS. Not known to run low on lippie? No worries — there's another type of surprise ahead.
Sadly, not every beauty product has this feature, so don't go deconstructing everything in your makeup bag just yet. Instead, pick up the special items in the slides ahead. And, may we suggest, hustle — word is spreading fast.