How To Subtweet Your Haters With A T-Shirt, À La Kendall Jenner

Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images.
If ever you've been in a schoolyard fight, you know to walk away before the first punch. But Kendall Jenner, our model Kardashian-Jenner family member, who usually sips tea in the face of vitriol, is ready to break dishes. And in one graphic tee, she subtweeted her most unapologetic hater yet. At the opening for What Goes Around Comes Around's new Beverly Hills store, it seemed Jenner dressed for the occasion: wearing a vintage tee to the opening of a vintage boutique, as one does. But the fine print of the graphics said it all. If you're confused — or doing that adorable little pug head tilt — let us explain: Jenner wore a Slayer tee, Slayer guitarist Gary Holt went all the way off and wore a "Kill the Kardashians" tee, Kendall wore a Slayer tee again — but with a glaring "R.I.P." tombstone stamped on it. We know what you're thinking: The shade of it all. We know. But the subtlety of said shade is what has us sipping our scalding-hot tea, widening our eyeballs ever so slightly to the left (à la Beyoncé), and quietly exiting the battlefield. Phew. Well-played, KJ. We applaud your use of personal style and poise to fight back instead of, you know, Snapchat or something. We're not here for celebrity feuds, of course, especially since the Kardashians seem to be prone to them. How they find time to be so...crafty with their clapbacks, however, while also managing their empire and defending themselves on social media is a true feat. And if there's anything this special-forces type of subtweeting can teach us, it's that when they go low, the Kardashians go higher. Like, five-foot-ten Kendall Jenner in six-inch Anthony Vaccarello heels high.

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