Gigi Hadid’s Childhood Hair Disaster Has Been Immortalized

Many of us made beauty mistakes when we were younger. (Example: Once, a friend of mine used black liquid eyeliner to paint on a pair of eyebrows after her sisters insisted she didn't have any. Yikes.) The upside, however, is that most of us were lucky not to have every moment documented. Gigi Hadid, who recently sported a badass, space-age beauty look, didn't have that luxury — her big hair mishap happened right before her very first major gig as a model. Hadid told W magazine that before the photo shoot, she decided to undergo a drastic beauty transformation: "I think my first campaign was when I was 2, and I don’t remember this, but the night before my first shoot, I cut my own bangs," she said. As expected, her toddler haircut wasn't exactly pro-level work. But you'd likely never know it, because in the shoot, which was for Guess, Hadid wore a bandana. Interestingly, a lot of the model's earlier work features bandanas (late-'90s, early-aughts influences, much?), like this photo of her in a Ralph Lauren campaign that she shared on Instagram:

throwback to when my mamma was the only stylist and photographer in my life ? @yolandahfoster

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

Hadid's tale is either cautionary or encouraging, depending on how you look at it. On one hand, it's telling us that toddlers probably shouldn't cut their own bangs. (Then again, the choppy, off-center look is having a moment.) But it's also nice to know that such a mistake can be covered up; Hadid wore a bandana over her haircut — and look at her now. She's a bona fide supermodel who now dabbles in the faux fringe variety. If only we had known about it way back when.

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