This Video Shows 100 Years Of Bangs — & It’ll Make You Want Them

The power of bangs is often inversely proportionate to their length: the smaller their surface area on your face, the bigger the statement they make. To wit: a blunt, straight-across fringe can create a sharp, angular frame, while soft, side-swept bangs deliver a more romantic look. And as it turns out, people have been using this cut as a transformative style tactic for years. In a 4-minute video, Allure documented the evolution of the style over 100 years — and it may leave you yearning for a hair appointment. It begins with the 1920's structured bob and goes decade by decade, all the way to today. Each era is pretty iconic — the '60s popularized teensy, peek-a-boo bangs; the '80s featured Christina Applegate's fluffy, upward bangs. (The only look missing was Jane Birkin's iconic, shaggy style!) Today's trend is a little harder to predict — 2016 seems to be the era of anything goes. Zooey Deschanel can sport vintage, '20s bangs, while Jennifer Hudson's micro-bangs recall the 1960's. Celebrities have been getting the chop left and right, and no two looks are the same. But that's the beauty of hair: There are no rules, and sometimes just that fact is what makes it memorable.

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