Chrissy Teigen Is Crowdsourcing Luna’s Halloween Costume Ideas

Luna Legend's first Halloween is coming up, and everyone has an opinion on what she should wear. "If anyone has a costume, an old costume, for a six-month-old, send it to me!" Chrissy Teigen said in an interview with E!. She clearly didn't mean it, but Twitter took the call for help very seriously. Fans rallied around the cause of finding Luna a Halloween costume.
One offered a pun, Hello Giggles reports, though it was a bit of a stretch.
Another suggested costumes for the whole family: peanut better, jelly, and milk. Aww.
Or, if we want to go with the food theme, she could be a bunch of grapes.
If they don't end up going with any of these ideas, at least we already know Luna's got an adorable mermaid outfit at home.

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