This Urban Decay Unicorn Makeup Tutorial Is Pure Magic

When it comes to Halloween makeup inspiration, the options are boundless. Want to try your hand at mermaid makeup? We've got you. Looking for something more simple? These looks are ridiculously easy to re-create. But if you're still on the hunt for that one perfect costume to answer your unicorn prayers, Urban Decay might be able to help. The makeup brand just posted a step-by-step unicorn tutorial to its Facebook page — and the results are downright magical. What does it take to be a unicorn, you ask? Glitter, color, and then more glitter. (Don't have an eyeshadow palette that offers every color of the rainbow? Look no further than the Urban Decay rainbow shadow palette.) The tutorial teaches you how to do everything from create colorful unicorn tears to paint on enchanting purple eyebrows. (Because everyone knows unicorns have purple eyebrows, right?) Check out the fantastical video in its entirety, below.
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