Joe Jonas Shared A Little TMI About Losing His Virginity To This Actress

Photo: Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock.
Joe Jonas used to be the dude sporting a purity ring. Now he throws out phrases like "half-chubbing."

The DNCE frontman got pretty frank about his sex life during his AMA on Reddit yesterday. If you'd prefer to maintain a little mystery surrounding the singer's first time, the size of his penis, and the status of his boners, stop reading now.

One of Jonas' revelations involved this story about losing his virginity to actress Ashley Greene. She's no doubt writing him a thank you card right now.

“I lost my virginity to this girl named Ashley," Jonas shared. "You can probably just Google it. It's pretty easy to figure out. I dated a girl named Ashley, so just Google it to figure out which Ashley that is. It's quite the great story because I didn't have any condoms, so I went to our drummer Jack's room, who was my roommate at the time, and I demolished his room looking for them. Found them underneath his underwear drawer. When he came home, he thought somebody broke into his room because his whole room was demolished because I was in dire need. Needed to happen then and now. Safety first, kids.”

The pop star, who has also dated Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift, added that he'd "like to think" that he is the Jonas Brother with the largest penis. Said penis tends to get even larger when he's shooting a music video with a gorgeous woman, by the way.

"There was definitely some half-chubbing going on during the ["Body Moves"] video," he told fans. "I wouldn't say a full-blown boner, but I would say a haflie. I mean it's kind of hard not to in that situation especially when you're trying to be intimate, and also they put us in an elevator, me and Charlotte McKinney."

We'll leave you with that lovely image. Thanks for sharing, Joe!


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