Can Everyone Chill About Joe Jonas’s Music Video?

Joe Jonas and his band, DNCE, have a new music video out for their single "Body Moves," and the internet at large seems very turned on. The former Jonas Brother (and current Jonas brother) can be seen in said video making out in an elevator. He's also featured making out in a home video and singing while very sweaty.
Though Jonas left his former tween-idol band three years ago, many are still heralding the racy video as his transition from Disney kid to risqué young man. Now 27, Jonas ditched his Mickey Mouse past a long time ago. Still, on the '90s- (and 2000s-) obsessed web, it can be almost impossible for former child and teen stars to shake the public perception that they should stay kid-friendly forever (see Daniel Radcliffe).
It's worth noting, however, that while Jonas's Camp Rock and purity-ring past has been evoked, his shift to music with more sexual vibes is being hailed as intriguing, not "slutty." When female pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears were looking to go from the middle school set to more adult sounds (and costumes), they were promptly labeled bad examples. Joe Jonas is simply allowed to (slowly) grow up.

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