Daniel Radcliffe Shaves Head, Is Still Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe has done all that can be done beyond scandal to distance himself from his most famous role. He's played an accused murderer and rapist in Horns. He's tried out being the leading man in a rom-com in What If?

Now, in preparation for his role as an undercover FBI agent among neo-Nazis in the upcoming film Imperium (schedule for release in 2016), Radcliffe has shaved his head. Yet, as Radcliffe prepares to portray an actual (pretend) Nazi, Entertainment Weekly's post on the news opens, "Harry Potter’s wild black hair is gone." Buzzfeed also pointed out that Tumblr users who saw the first photos of Radcliffe with long hair for his upcoming film Victor Frankenstein, decided this new look is how Harry Potter would have appeared if Snape was his father.
So how could Radcliffe break away from Harry Potter headlines forever (or at least until the next reunion), if that's something that he wanted? It seems the only solution would be to star in an almost equally big franchise. Harrison Ford was able to become Harrison Ford again because he played two huge characters in the pop culture landscape — Han Solo and Indiana Jones. Finding a franchise with as much weight as Harry Potter would be tough. So if there are any superheroes left in the Marvel universe who could lend Radcliffe their cape for a film, that could do it. Until then, there are far worse actor associate fates (think Screech).

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