30 Celebrities Donald Trump Has Mocked & Criticized Over The Years

Photo: REX/Shutterstock.
No one is safe from the unfiltered, unrefined, and unqualified comments from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. The insanity that comes out of Trump's mouth, mostly via his Twitter-addicted fingers, would be sort of hilarious if he weren't vying to become the face, the brain, and the maniac in charge of our nation.
For years, Trump's Twitter feed has been a dumping ground of low-level insults to successful individuals, both in Hollywood and in politics. These comments vary from the obvious (it's almost impossible to count the number of disrespectful things he has said about his opponent Hillary Clinton) to the bizarre (what did Shia LaBeouf ever do to you, Donald?).
If you were to read each message on its own, you might laugh or chuckle. He can't be serious, you might think. But read them all together, and you'll realize, Wait...this is very real.
Here are 30 celebrities Trump has mocked, criticized, and insulted. Because that's just the kind of guy he is.

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