We’re Making It Easy For You To Get Involved In Politics

Illustrated by: Elliot Salazar.
Election Day lasts just one day — a 24-hour culmination of the seemingly never-ending campaign season.
But we’ll spend the next two, four, six years living with the choices we make as a country this November 8. And the decisions made during that time by the people we elect to the White House, Congress, and state and local offices will impact all of our lives for decades to come.
We're talking everything from student-loan rates to tampon taxes to our safety as a nation.
All the more reason to prep like you haven’t done since your last set of finals.
At Refinery29, our party is women. We want to see you claim your own power in the political system — no matter if you identify as Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian, or none of the above.
That’s why for the 100 days leading up to November 8, we’ll be throwing up a new challenge each day to help you get informed, involved, and excited to take action on the issues that are most important to you, personally. Hopefully, you'll even have some fun while you're at it.
Democracy isn’t something that just happens — it’s something that we do. And it gives us all the power to shape our collective future. As President John F. Kennedy so perfectly put it, "One person can make a difference, but everyone should try."
So, check back each day to find out a new, easy way to be involved in the first election of the rest of your life. We know you're busy, so we promise these won't be huge time-sucks. In fact, most of the challenges will take you just a few minutes to complete.
And use the hashtag #VYV100 to share your progress and your own ideas along the way. After all, a party — political or otherwise — is no fun if it’s only you.

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