The Best Witch Costumes, Sans Black Pointy Hats

Photo: SNAP/REX/Shutterstock.
Just between us muggles: Witches are the best. From Shakespeare's witches in Macbeth to the too-real Salem witch trials, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and, of course, Twitches — our affinity for the fantasy world of magical things is pretty obvious. Perhaps we like them for their humor (see: the Sanderson Sisters) or their powers, but if there's anything Bewitched taught us, it's their style that has us spellbound. (C'mon, what other excuse do we have for wearing purple and green, besides Endora?)

But if after scrolling through your witch Rolodex you, too, are experiencing broomstick and pointy hat fatigue and are longing for more options, then we've got your fix. Because if you've ever watched American Horror Story: Coven, you're aware that witches — and their costumes — come in a variety of cauldron-brewing, wig-snatching styles. Ahead, we've got options to take your inner witch from the streets of Halloweentown to Oz and back. And how you get there, whether via cliché broomstick or Uber, is up to you (and your black cat, of course).

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