While Netflix Was Down Today, The Tweets Got Super Real

Update: Netflix is back up! This will not stand if it happens during the great Gilmore binge of Thanksgiving 2016, though. Consider yourselves warned, Netflix HQ.
This is not a drill! If you were planning to catch that Amanda Knox documentary or spend your Saturday binge-watching season 1 of Luke Cage, too bad. Netflix is down. Users are reporting outages in Canada, England, France, Japan, and Chile, as well as the U.S.
Until this is quickly resolved, we need to be entertained. If you aren't subscribing to Amazon Prime or Hulu, perhaps it's time to download the PBS app and get busy streaming Poldark. Or, you could just read the greatest responses (so far) on Twitter to news of this category-five internet disaster. Here, we have the modern-day "First!"
Of course, the real drama is when no Netflix means no Friends.
So disappointing.
The sarcasm is strong with these eggs.
And truly, this GIF is all of us right now.

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