Spend The Night In These Glass Igloos For The Coziest View Of The Northern Lights

Getting a good look at the Northern Lights requires going, well, north — and that means cold. Unfortunately, the icy chill of the arctic might make you hesitant to head outside to gaze upon the incredible Aurora Borealis. It's quite a dilemma. Luckily, this catch-22 has been solved by the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland.
At Kakslauttanen, you can stay in a glass igloo and catch every second of the Northern Lights' dance from the comfort and warmth of your bed. Sounds like an ideal vacation destination, right? Of course, you better believe this ingenious solution to your lights-viewing problem will cost you. Staying in the igloo starts at $455 a night. Not only do the igloos offer once-in-a-lifetime views; they also provide a cozy escape from the Arctic Circle's minus-40-degrees-Fahrenheit weather. According to Thrillist, the igloos are outfitted with thermal glass, which is how they manage to stay warm and comfy for Kakslauttanen's guests.
The igloos come in two different sizes: two-person and four-person. The two-person is, of course, smaller, and it doesn't come equipped with a shower. Guests will have to venture to a separate building for their baths, which may seem like a pain — until you find out that same building also holds the largest smoke sauna in the world. Sign us up.
The igloos are open for booking from August 20 through the end of April, which the resort site notes is Northern Lights season. We'll go ahead and add this place to our travel bucket lists.

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