What No One Tells You About The Life Of A Fashion Blogger

Photo: Courtesy of Ellery Lee.
Though bloggers may have a reputation for sharing almost every aspect of their lives — from #OOTDs to dinner pics (hey, we're guilty of this, too) — rarely does the world see what things are like with no filter involved.
It's that behind-the-scenes work that's most fascinating — and oftentimes, most complicated. By now, it's common knowledge that some fashion bloggers are paid by brands to wear their clothes, and yes, It Girls do get sent plenty of goodies gratis, but what about all the other facets that make blogging a successful business? And, are there any downsides?
Like any job, plenty of tribulations come with blogging. In addition to the pressures of getting the perfect Instagram, there's paperwork, legal issues, networking, and — oh yeah — internet trolls. It's a role that requires almost 24/7 commitment, and social media breaks are sometimes a necessity. And, when it comes to being Insta-famous, making it is 90% of the battle.
Ahead, we spoke to fashion bloggers about what they wish they knew before going viral.

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