15 Conversations That Were So Bad We Had To Write About Them

Illustrated By: Paola Delucca.
Your end-of-summer barbecue is winding down, and everyone seems well-fed and happy.
But as you're scraping the leftover potato salad into a Tupperware and grabbing one of the last beers from the watery cooler, a friend casually drops a little truth bomb in the form of a ludicrous political opinion.
Yep, so many of us have been there. Whether you're a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or one of those mythical unicorns known as undecided voters, we bet you've pushed your chair away from the table when a crazy distant (or not-so-distant) relative decided to bring up that hot-button issue.
And the political drama isn't limited to family. Maybe you didn't see that Bumble date's "Make America Great Again" hat as a turn-on last night. Or perhaps you're considering defriending your bestie over the constant invites to join her "It's Not Too Late To Elect Bernie Sanders" Facebook campaign.
Alas, there are still more than 60 days to go until Election Day, so the facepalm-worthy conversations aren't ending anytime soon. In the meantime, we've rounded up the most cringeworthy political conversations our staffers have had. Maybe yours won't be as bad?

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