I Spent A Week Ditching Every Plus-Size Fashion Rule I Used To Swear By

Photo: Courtesy of Liz Black.
When my parents became aware of my burgeoning love of fashion, they did what they did anytime they thought I was starting to get into something; they bought me a book about it. But it wasn’t a dictionary of designers or even a figure-drawing how-to — it was a book titled What Not to Wear. Full of rules about what was flattering on whom and — specifically — what was not flattering on whom, it fed into my own body insecurities. The book broke down every part of my fleshy form and dictated exactly why I shouldn’t be wearing anything I liked.
As an owner of big boobs, a flabby tummy, a big butt, thick calves, and a myriad of other “bad” body parts, I came to the conclusion that I’d never be able to truly enjoy fashion until I resembled a runway model. Cue the body dysmorphia, eating issues, and general self-hate that afflicted me for years...until fashion actually became my savior.
When I finally tried on those trends that I had avoided for years, I was amazed — the world didn’t end, and people didn’t go into shock from seeing my larger body in stripes, white, or body-hugging designs. In fact, I actually received compliments for my sense of style for the first time ever. That initial fashion high was all I needed to get hooked, and I’ve been devoted to dressing boldly and spreading the style word ever since.
I am all about breaking the rules — when it comes to fashion, that is. So to take on the antiquated style status quo, I put together a week’s worth of style no-no's that would undoubtedly make some old-fashioned tastemakers clutch their pearls.
Let’s get one thing clear from the start: My outfit goals are not about making my body look as thin as possible. I am not going to swaddle myself in Spanx or avoid trends simply because there’s the off chance I could appear “fat” — newsflash, I am fat! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, check out which “rules” I broke during my week of style rebellion.
September is typically a time when fashion publications definitively tell you what’s in and what’s out. Fuck that. We’re dedicating the next couple of weeks to celebrating all the iconoclasts, independent thinkers, and individuals with unique personal styles who’d rather say Fuck the Fashion Rules than follow them.

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